How To Change Background On Instagram Story Video

How To Change Background On Instagram Story Video. There are four official methods for changing your instagram story background: Tap on the doodle icon and choose a background color for the.

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Choose a color from the color wheel. If you have already changed the background color of your stories when you shared images from your phone, then at this time you would feel like having a déjà vu. Then, click the scribble icon on the top of the screen.

Tap The Screen And Wait.

Then drag your finger on the screen to erase the foreground color and to reveal the photo underneath. Take a photo or video. Go to your instagram story and open it.

Choose A Color From The Color Wheel.

Click the screen and hold it for some seconds. Change background using a video. Now comes the last part of this article, how to change background color on instagram story video.

There Are Four Official Methods For Changing Your Instagram Story Background:

To create instagram stories that use a solid background color instead of a photo, you can follow these simple steps: Hold down on the screen. When you want to capture a picture or video for your instagram story, open instagram and touch on the camera icon that is located in the upper left corner of the app.

Click On The Brush Icon For Highlighting.

Swipe up on your screen or press the “camera roll” button to add your colorful image to your tale. How to convert the background color of the instagram story when sharing a video from your gallery? Hold the video screen with two fingers and drag it to make it a bit smaller in size.

To Create Instagram Stories That Use A Solid Background Color Instead Of A Photo, You Can Follow These Simple Steps:

Choose the photo or video. Today, i will show some quick ways to change the background color of instagram stories. Tap on the doodle icon and choose a background color for the.

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